An MBA by fate and a psychic by choice. Since my childhood I was very inquisitive by the way universe functions. I always used to question the customs and rituals rather than blindly following them. I was always intuitive and would know many things much before they would take place. My mom too is a very intuitive person. May be I too inherited this great gift from her. She is my best friend and its only because of her I stand where I am today.

I had to change so many jobs within short durations. Finally I got vexed up and realised that am not meant for the corporate world. I had Reiki in my mind since long but never really had the time. Post quitting the corporate world , I realised its time to learn REIKI. Finally, in October 2011 I went on to do REIKI. I Really thank the Universe to have introduced me to such a wonderful master. Initially I had no intention to take up REIKI masters. But you never know and the calling comes. After REIKI masters, there was no looking back . I became more strong emotionally, became a more grounded and also went on to learn so many other stuffs like Tarot, Angel card reading, Numerology , Crystal and gem therapy , Dowsing , Crystal ball gazing , Bach flower remedies , Switch words etc; One life and still so much to learn . According to me the day we stop learning we stop growing.

The soul purpose of MYSTIC MANTRA is to realise your inner self to make your life better in terms of health, wealth and prosperity.

Love and light,